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Gigabyte Aero 17 Gaming Perfomance and Benchmarks

April 17, 2020

The Gigabyte Aero 17 has been refreshed with Intel 10th gen and Nvidia Supergraphics, but how does this new combination perform in games? We’ve tested 21 different games at all setting levels and compared it against other laptops, and spoiler, the gaming performance of this 90 watt GPU beats 115 watts 2070 laptops. 

My configuration of Aero 17 has the Intel i7-10875H processor, which has 8 cores and 16 threads. There’s Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Max-Q graphics, 16gb of memory in dual channel with a 17.3” 4K 60Hz screen. Check Price :


Although Aero 17 isn’t exactly designed to be a gaming laptop, with these specs it should still be capable of some excellent results and should serve as a good reference of what sort of gaming performance to expect from this level of new hardware. 

Gigabyte control center software

The Gigabyte control center software lets you select different performance modes, I’ve tested with the highest options available with max fan speed for best performance. 

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We’ll only be covering gaming performance in this article, we’ll start by looking at most all of the games at all setting levels, then compare the Aero 17 with some other laptops afterward. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using the game’s built-in benchmark tool. As a resource-heavy test, the lower ultra result is expected, though 70 FPS at high settings and near 100 at low is a good result.


Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode, I’ve got the results with RTX enabled, shown by the green bars, and RTX off, shown by the purple bars. RTX was playable at low and medium settings, but I’d prefer to just run with ultra and RTX off which performs better and in my opinion, looks better too.


Control was also tested with and without RTX enabled, however as the game also supports DLSS 2.0 I’ve tested this in the red bars. DLSS runs it at 720p and upscales it, and it looked pretty decent while also still performing quite well at high settings, very similar to with RTX completely off.


DOOM Eternal was tested with Vulkan and regardless of the setting level used the average FPS was excellent, I had no issues at all playing even with the highest ultra nightmare setting preset which wasn’t too far below 200 FPS.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built-in benchmark, and the results here were excellent, but we’ll compare this game against some other gaming laptops soon.


Apex Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum, or all settings on the lowest possible values, as it doesn’t have predefined setting presets, and I’ve disabled the frame rate cap. Even at max settings, the results would be a good match up for a 144Hz screen.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare was tested in campaign mode, and I’ve also tested it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum. Max settings were still playing smoothly, the 1% low was above even the 60Hz refresh rate of my 4K panel, while above 100 FPS was possible at minimum settings.


Borderlands 3 was tested using the game’s built-in benchmark, and even the highest setting preset was still able to average above 60 FPS in this test.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with the benchmark tool and is fairly resource-heavy at higher settings too, though it was still able to average above 70 FPS maxed out, a good result for this game, while high settings were still above 100 FPS.


Fortnite was tested with the replay feature, and it generally runs quite well on basically any modern hardware, so even at epic settings, the 1% low was above 100 FPS, with well over 300 FPS achieved at low settings, absolutely no issues at all here.


Overwatch is another less demanding game and was tested in the practice range. Again even with epic settings, it’s performing very well without any problems at all, while the 300 FPS frame cap was being hit at low and medium settings.


CS: GO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark, and the performance here was noticeably better when compared to most of the other 9th gen laptops I’ve been testing for the last year, perhaps owing to the higher turbo boost speeds of the new 10th gen i7.


Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane, and as another game that seems to prefer higher CPU power, I was again seeing notably better results at low settings compared to 9th gen, that said even maxed out the performance here is still more than enough.


Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built-in benchmark but using Vulkan, which was recently added to the game. Even ultra settings would be a fair match for a 144Hz screen with this hardware, and even the 1% low is above 100 FPS, a nice result.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus was tested using the built-in benchmark, most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so don’t take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game, it’s more of a worst-case.


The Division 2 was also tested with the built-in benchmark, ultra settings were almost at 60 FPS for the 1% low, which is a decent result for this test. I think a recent game update has really boosted performance here, as 1% lows used to be consistently far behind the averages.


PUBG was tested using the replay feature, though the results aren’t comparable with most of my previous tests due to the map change issues I mentioned in the G14 video. Regardless, it was still running near 100 FPS at ultra settings in my random play through.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with the built-in benchmark and is one of the more resource-heavy games tested here. Almost 60 FPS was hit at ultra-high settings, which doesn’t sound great but for this game, it’s actually quite good as far as laptop hardware is concerned.


Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the game's benchmark, and the results are a little better compared to many of the previous 9th gen laptops I’ve covered, the extra CPU power is likely helping out in this test.


The Witcher 3 was playing fine even with max settings, however, stepping down to high settings improved the performance a fair amount while still looking pretty good in my opinion. This is probably the oldest game I still test, so I’ve got years worth of data to compare to in other videos if you’re interested.


F1 2019 was tested using the game’s benchmark tool, and as is usually the case in this test the performance at ultra-high settings looked good, but like the last game, stepping back just one setting preset was able to offer a decent boost.

Let me know what you thought about the new i7-10875H and RTX 2070 Super Max-Q performance down in the comments.

Games tested:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Apex Legends

Battlefield V (BF5)

Borderlands 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare



The Division 2

DOOM Eternal

Dota 2

F1 2019

Far Cry New Dawn


Ghost Recon - Breakpoint

Metro Exodus


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Rainbow Six Siege

Red Dead Redemption 2

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Witcher 3

By - Ifti Ahmed
SP Thanks to - Jarad Tech

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March 15, 2020

So some awesome news coming out of the apple camp ming cheek Wuaho is an apple analyst great at predicting future products is saying that -
Apple Macbook 14 pro News

We're gonna get a MacBook Pro 13 but, it is going to be a 14 instead were getting an extra inch of screen real estate.

Very similar to the 16-inch model they're gonna reduce the size of the bezel while keeping the same form factor.
Apple macbook

The outside this is we're also getting new display panel technology, instead of the traditional LCD panel as we get on the MacBook Air and their entire lineup was gonna be using mini led instead.

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This is great because, mini led offers a higher peak brightness, wider color gamut better accuracy, and better blacks. Now don't get this confused with micro led. micro led is the upgrade from OLED, I don't want OLED on my laptop, as cool as it is as bright and vivid as it gets we don't know how it is going to be four to five years from now, all it is known to have burnin and people keep their laptops longer than they do their smartphones.

Macbook 16 version Speaker
Macbook 16 version Siri button
Macbook 16 version esc Button

Now obviously just like the 16 version you're gonna get the better speaker, is the better microphone, the bigger battery, the Siri button being moved over a bit more to the left on the touch bar and most importantly the escape key developers need the escape key it should be there, I'm glad to bring it back even to the newer 14-inch model.


But when it comes to performance they're still gonna use Intel chips. I know a lot of people are like as you, its AMD but I don't think that's a good idea, the intel chips and laptops coming out this year will still be faster than the AMD counterparts. AMD is a lot closer but intel still going to be a better plus on top of this it has intel quick sync and all the benefits of Thunderbolt 3 which will allow you to access an 8k display or a higher refresh rate depending on the type of monitor you hook it up to.

AMD is just not there yet and you have to understand something even if they were gonna go with AMD they'd have to optimize everything to work with it. Right now quick sync, especially in applications like adobe premiere, offers huge speed improvements when you're rendering files. speaking of rendering files those chips will be about 12 to 15 percent faster than the previous generation, at least in terms of raw CPU performance but the biggest area that you'll see a performance boost is going to be to graphics.

Gaming on macbook pro

These laptops are coming with the iris plus graphic chips which will give you about a 30 percent performance increase. This will make a big deal if you game on your MacBook Pro.

This will matter if you're using final cut pro or adobe premiere or any application that can utilize the integrated GPU. I mean besides that you're not going to see much more these are internal spec updates plus redesigned keyboards using the scissor switches that are very similar to the MacBook Pro 16 and most importantly the year of mini led for apple.
we're gonna see many metal panels on the upcoming mac books than we did the previous year. and that alone is very exciting for me as someone who appreciates the good display I'm kind of excited about it. I am curious to see exactly what these products can do let me know if you're planning to upgrade in the comments down below.

Analysis By - Ifti Ahmed

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